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  • Anxious over a relationship, a job, or life?
  • Depressed over relationships or your career?
  • Still hurt by or angry about past relationships?

I can help. I'm Yaffa Balsam, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Alamitos (located in Orange County, California) and past president of the Stepfamily Association of America's Los Angeles chapter.

During my 25 years of experience, I trained in several treatment modalities, such as: Somatic Experiencing, EMDR, mediation, and divorce coaching.

I provide therapy services for treating a variety of issues.

Therapy Services

  • family therapy

    Family therapy helps your family fight less, develop a stronger bond, and experience a greater sense of belonging. Learn how to express discontent with one another in a respectful and positive manner, and how to listen non-judgmentally, and offer one another positive feedback.

  • step family therapy

    Feel less like strangers and more like a family. You'll focus on dealing with exes, helping your children feel safe and like they belong, addressing money issues, and let go of unrealistic expectations.

  • couples and marriage counseling

    Couples Therapy lets you develop trust, understanding, and hope in times of doubt, anger, and confusion. For more information, see our couples therapy services page.

  • individual therapy for teens and adults

    In individual therapy, we explore what impacts your quality of life. We examine the relationships between you and your significant others, your friends, and your self. Individual therapy effectively treats many concerns. I list the most common below.

Treatment of Problems, Issues, and Difficulties

  • anxiety disorders and panic attacks

    Identify and overcome anxiety symptoms. Conquer social anxiety and agoraphobia. Understand personal triggers, the causes of your panic attacks, and desensitize yourself to them. Reclaim your life from the grip of constant fear, by effectively coping with panic attacks.

  • depression

    Restore hope for yourself and your life by identifying emotional and physical signs and symptoms of clinical and severe depression, tackling causes of chronic depression, and overcoming the funk.

  • counseling for relationship problems

    You may be thinking, "Help! Save my marriage!" then get relationship help for recovering from physical or emotional infidelity, identifying signs of abusive relationships, and mending controlling relationships and other bad, unhealthy relationship patterns.

  • parenting, discipline, and child behavior problems

    Get parenting advice on disciplining with love, using rewards and consequences. Co-parent effectively by developing a sensible plan that will work.

  • grief counseling

    Grief counseling offers support in dealing with the death of a child, parent, or other loved one. The pain of grief and loss may never go away, but I can still help you find love and purpose.

Are you ready to feel better?

The sooner you get help, the sooner you can heal. You can e-mail me any time or call me at (714) 527-8111 between 8:00AM and 3:00PM PST on weekdays to schedule a free phone consultation.

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