How Remarried with Children Can Help You

Help for new stepmoms trying to make sense of a new family situation.

Stepmom Sanity Salvation

  • Do you feel marginalized and unheard in your own home?
  • Are stepkids destroying your relationship?
  • Tired of your husband's ex puppeteering your household?

Books & articles with tips on how to be a stepmom & thrive in marriage.

Make sense of the new, and potentially frustrating, home situation you now find yourself in.

Court-Mandated Co-Parenting Classes in Los Angeles County, CA.

Co-Parenting Classes & Info

  • Are your children suffering or being turned against you?
  • Trouble with scheduling and household discipline differences?
  • Is your ex's wrath making you and your new spouse miserable?

Don't worry. Help is here.

We have tips for co-parenting with difficult exes, court-mandated co-parenting classes, presentations, and more.

Couples therapy to stop fighting and enjoy your relationship.

Couples Therapy & Services

  • Struggling with communication issues in your relationship?
  • Tired of constantly fighting in your relationship?
  • Does it feel like the flames of passion are dying?

Defuse your conflict & return to love.

You'll learn more about causes underlying your conflict, how to communicate constructively, and how to resolve your problems.

Upcoming Step-Family Classes & Support Groups

Orange County Step-Parent Support Group - Mar 01st, 2018

Orange County Step-Parent Support Group

March 1st, 2018

The Orange County Step-Parent Support Group helps you feel supported, less alone, and teaches you how to connect with your step-family.

Stepmom Success System - Mar 05th, 2018

Stepmom Success System

March 5th, 2018

Tired of intrusive exes, guilt-ridden husbands, and out-of-control children?

This program is for you!

Discover how you can be remarried...and happy too!

Achievable Co-Parenting - Mar 11th, 2018

Achievable Co-Parenting

March 11th, 2018

This co-parenting class helps make you and your kids happier, by helping you fight less with your ex while taking care of your children.

Bonus: This class meets co-parenting curriculum standards of the Los Angeles Superior Court. If you have to take a court-mandated class, this is the one for you!