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Divorce Support Group in Long Beach

Your soul is not up for division.

Divorce leaves loneliness and isolation in its wake, but you don’t need to succumb to hopelessness or despair. The pain will go away. Join others working through it. Shake the fear of losing yourself, cultivate hope, and find support. The group provides a warm, safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can heal.

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The Stepmom Success System – A Women’s Group in February, 2014

A Rescue Group for Women Trapped in Chaos

Tired of intrusive exes, guilt-ridden husbands, and out-of-control children?

This program is for you!

Discover how you can be remarried...and happy too!

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Remarried With Children

A Step by Step Program for Happier Step-Families

Tired of intrusive exes, out-of-control children, and spouses catering to everyone but you?

We can help. Discover how you can be remarried...and happy too!

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