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Here are my stepfamily articles, support groups, stepfamily videos, audio recordings, print media, and links.

Stepfamily Articles

  • Fequently Asked Questions About Stepfamilies (Stepfamily FAQ)

    Many remarried couples have the same questions. I compiled a list of answers to the most frequently asked questions, in hopes that you’ll find them helpful. The Stepfamily FAQ tells you when it’s okay to discipline stepchildren, why co-parenting between biological parents is necessary, reasons former spouses stay angry at their exes, why stepfamilies struggle staying together, and how I help stepfamilies.

  • Stepfamilies Newsletter Archive

    My monthly newsletter for people in stepfamilies has been providing information about stepfamilies since October, 2006.

  • Articles for Stepmoms

    Being a stepmom can at times be challenging, frustrating, or rewarding. There are many ways to connect and bond with your stepchildren. My Articles for Stepmoms provide you with practical ideas that have worked for many stepmothers.

Support Groups

Both groups offer similar benefits for adults in step families, whether you’re a stepmom, a stepdad, or a remarried biological parent.

Video Media

Note: the iPhone handles these videos better on my dedicated video page.

  • Introducing Yaffa Balsam, LMFT

    This video introduces me and provides an overview of the primary issues facing step families.

    Introducing Yaffa Balsam, LMFT Video thumbnail
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  • Yaffa Balsam MFT on Remarried Couples

    Yaffa Balsam on some of the most important things for remarried couples to understand.

    Emotional Permission Video thumbnail

  • Are you giving your children emotional permission to have a relationship with their step parents?

    Emotional permission allows a child to like, respect, and have a healthy relationship with their step parent. Giving your child emotional permission is critical to their adjustment to their new step family setting.

    Emotional Permission Video thumbnail

Audio Media

Print Media


  • Offsite Resources

  • My links section collects a list of some of the most informative, helpful, and relevant websites to families on the web.