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Achievable Co-Parenting

  • Is hostility between you and your ex hurting your children?
  • Is your old spouse sabotaging your new relationships?
  • Are your custody logistics a waking nightmare?

If you find yourself wincing at the mere sight of your ex’s name on caller id, then this class is for you. Move from chaos to cooperation with techniques learned in a six week class.

You’ll also receive ongoing support via a free monthly call-in support group.

Achievable Co-Parenting is based on research findings and extensive clinical experience in teaching parenting classes and working with divorcing parents in private practice.

Achievable Co-Parenting provides practical tools for co-parenting regardless of negative feelings between former spouses, and prepares parents for parenting during remarriage. It’s broken into 3 segments: The Breakup, Co-Parenting, and Remarriage.

The Breakup provides closure and helps you move past the anger and loss of the old relationship. Co-Parenting gives you the nuts and bolts of healthy co-parenting. Remarriage prepares you for co-parenting after one or both parents remarry.

Co-Parenting Classes:
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Co-Parenting Classes Topics

Here’s what to expect.

The Break-Up

Co-parenting classes help you understand the break-up that got you to where you are, and how it affects how you'll proceed.

Get closure. Don’t let your previous marriage consume your children or your life. During and after a divorce feelings of anger, despair, and self doubt can be debilitating, thus distorting your better judgment.

Explore the:

  • Effects of divorce on children in different ages
  • Emotional process of divorce
  • Losses involved
  • Tools for healing
  • Plan for moving forward
  • New vision for your life


Parenting is challenging even when a couple is happily married. Amidst divorce, when people feel that their world is shattered, it is so much harder, and at times seems impossible.

Co-parent effectively by learning how to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Resolve conflicts productively
  • Parent positively
  • Conduct parenting meetings using business principles
  • Meet your children’s needs at their chronological and emotional stages
  • Create an individualized parenting plan that works
  • Parent cooperatively
  • Parallel parent when cooperative parenting isn’t an option


Co-Parenting classes prepare you for building a strong marriage during which you can co-parent.

Forming a step family can be one of the best times in your life. Or it can be one of the biggest challenges you ever face or it can be both.

Learn how to:

  • Be a couple—not just parents
  • Meet children’s emotional needs prior and during remarriage
  • Integrate families successfully
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Create new traditions
  • Address finances
  • Become a positive stepparent

Take the First Step to Better Parenting

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