The Step Parent Support Group helps you feel less alone and make more sense of your situation.

Free Step Parent Support Group

How can a remarriage survive undermining exes and hostile stepchildren?

In good company. I run two free support groups for parents in step families:

  • The National Step Parent Support Group. Anyone can call-in to join for free.
  • The Orange County Step Parent Support Group, which is a group held in-person in Los Alamitos.

Read more about the Step Parent Support Group and what it can do for you.

Step Parent Support Group Schedules

National Step Parent Support Group (Call-in)

Mon, Jan 01, 2024 @ 10:00AM PST
(3rd Monday, every month.)

Join Us Via Phone

Number: 605.475.6150
Access code: 549 8622

You MUST RSVP 48+ hours in advance to attend. Registration and attendance are free, but you must let us know you plan to attend, so we can accommodate you.

Learn More About the Step Parent Support Group

The Step Parent Support Group is For You

Happy Couple with Biological and Step Kid

The step family support groups are for:

  • stepmoms
  • stepdads
  • biological parents
  • men and women considering remarrying
  • singles looking to date or marry someone with kids from a previous relationship

It’s best if your partner attends or calls in with you, but if only one of you can make it, that’s just fine.

Benefits of the Step Parent Support Group

  • Be heard

    Tell your story. Your feelings, needs, and thoughts will be heard by the group members and received nonjudgmentally.

  • Get inspired

    Hearing other people’s stories about their path to becoming a cohesive family is inspiring. It will give you an idea of what worked and what didn’t work so you can better decide what to do next and feel hopeful about that decision’s outcome.

  • Get and feel in control

    Isolation makes you lonely, listless, agitated, and more prone to feeling victimized. Connecting with others will make you feel supported, like you’re part of a community, and empowered. This helps you heal from the pain of your step-children’s rejection and the damage inflicted by your spouse’s ex.

    Find the strength to take responsibility and explore the inner solutions that you didn’t realize you had. And, well, if you didn’t find any inner solutions, at least you’ll have some other peoples’ solutions for “inspiration.”

  • Connect with people just like you

    Get to know like-minded people. Feel accepted, share experiences, swap war stories, and support other people who share your pain because they’ve been there too.

  • Make a difference

    By listening to and supporting someone else, you make a difference in their life. Think of all of the ways the group benefits you, and know that you in turn benefit the rest of its members the same way. It’s reciprocal and it feels great.

Step Parent Support Group Topics

The Step Parent Support Group is Uplifting and Empowering

The Step Parent Support Group touches on various subjects. Everything ultimately revolves around making your new marriage the best it can be, improving the quality of your relationship, and helping serve your kids’ best interest.

The topics covered include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Co-parenting with exes
  • Merging finances
  • Divided loyalties
  • Your, my, and our children
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Extended families
  • Hope and tools for solutions

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    The More the Merrier: Pass it On!

    The more people know about the groups and attend, the better the experience is for everyone. If you know anyone who would benefit from attending, don’t be shy about letting them know! You can easily let them know via Facebook, Twitter, email and more: