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Guide to Being a Stepmom and Staying Sane

So, your marriage isn’t what you’d hoped.

You’re not alone. Many other women in a position just like yours feel unappreciated, resentful, or emotionally betrayed. You can stop feeling like a second-class citizen.

Feeling misunderstood, unimportant, and marginalized by your husband? Wondering why your role is so ill-defined by your husband, stepchildren, and society? Do you feel out of control, at the mercy of your stepchildren and their bio-mom?

Do you remember why you wanted to marry your husband? What changed?

Exploring these questions lets you be a wife, and a successful step-mom, and even yourself, all in the face of challenges confronting step-moms everywhere.

The Main Challenges to Being a Stepmom

Most problems in second+ marriages boil down to the same underlying, core issues. Let’s take a look at the most common plagues afflicting the day-to-day lives of remarried couples.

Your Husband’s Ex

Hostile exes can adversely affect your marriage in several ways, such as…

  • turns kids against stepmom or bio-dad
  • draining your finances via excessive alimony or legal fees
  • denies your step-kids permission to like you

Step-kids and Biological Kids

Children can strain your marriage in various ways, including but not limited to…

  • acting out against you (being rude or abusive)
  • not following directions
  • as either a person or an authority figure
  • violating your privacy or property

Your Husband

Husbands can accidentally drive a wedge between you, by…

  • failing to discpline the kids
  • flaking out on obligations
  • spending too much money on his kids
  • excluding you from co-parenting

Contact Me to Start Feeling Better Today

The longer you wait, the harder it gets. Addressing problems early helps prevent them from growing out of control.

I can help you succeed in your marriage and as a stepmom. The system boils down to this: Learn. Communicate. Take care of yourself. Maintain your relationship. Parent.

I can help you through each of those steps, as they relate to your unique, personal situation. We’ll develop a blueprint that will help you find relief today and success tomorrow.

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