Stepmom Success System: There's Light Ahead

The Stepmom Success System – A Class for Stepmoms

  • Is your husband’s manipulative ex making your life a living hell?
  • Do you feel neglected, ignored, or betrayed by your husband?
  • Are step-kids destroying your marriage?

Discover how you can be remarried…and happy too!

The Stepmom Success System gives hope, and effective tools for achieving happiness in your marriage and family life. It’s a 4-week course. Each week covers a different set of topics:

Stepmom Class Topics

Week 1: Understanding Stepfamilies

Stepmom classes teach you about stepfamilies and what you're getting yourself into.

Understanding Stepfamilies gives an overview of step-family life. It’s knowledge you need for solving problems as a step-mom.

This session answers questions like:

  • What makes step-families unique?
  • How can we free ourselves from baggage caused by divorce & remarriage?
  • How can your husband move past his divorce?
  • How can we be more emotionally available to each other and our kids?

Week 2: The Marriage-Family Balancing Act

Stepmom classes teach you about the difficulty of balancing your relationship as a couple with your place in your new family.

The Marriage-Family Balancing Act strengthens your relationship as a couple. You’ll learn critical things, like:

  • limiting ex-wives’ influence on your life
  • effective communication skills
  • “fighting fair” when resolving conflict
  • addressing finances, support payments, & spending on kids
  • establishing healthy boundaries
  • how to preserve love and romance in your relationship

Week 3: Parenting: My, Your, & “Our” Children

Learn about the challenges of parenting and step-parenting in our class for stepmoms.

Parenting: My, Your, & “Our” Children preserves your kids’ happiness—both bio- and step-kids! Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • solid parenting fundamentals, such as
    • age-appropriate behavior to expect
    • involvement with schools
    • how family meetings can make your life easier
  • how to overcome step-parenting challenges, such as
    • co-parenting with exes
    • dealing with hostile, uncooperative exes
    • easing kids’ transitions between homes
    • what to do when kids reject you due to their biological mom’s pressure

Week 4: Steps for Success

Stepmom classes equip you for triumphing over adversity in your relationship and family situation.

Steps for Success gets you from “here” to “happily ever after.” You’ll learn about the importance of self-care and how creating a vision can help you realize your goals.

You’ll also hear about one another’s personal challenges, and get tools for overcoming them, too.

This session ties it all together, transforming knowledge into a concrete plan for a happier future!

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