How to Develop a Parenting Plan After Remarriage

How to Develop a Parenting Plan After Remarriage

Co-parenting is tough. Between difficult exes, threatened spouses, manipulative children, communication challenges, and the messy aftermath of previous marriages, parents and step-parents alike have their work cut out for them.

Understand the obstacles to co-parenting, their effects, learn how to overcome them by collaborative planning, and keep your new marriage from ending the same way as your last one.


Gratitude helps us be humble and appreciative of the gifts of love, friendship, and faith that we are given. It helps us acknowledge someone else’s contribution to the quality of our lives.

Tips for Men in Stepfamilies

In traditional biological families, men have been expected to be the wage earners, the heads of their families, and the disciplinarians. Meanwhile, women have been expected to serve as the emotional core, providing nurturing and affection to the family. Step families however, may have a very hard time functioning this way successfully, especially when it […]

You & Your Stepfamily: Happy Holidays? (Part 2)

We all share the wish and hope for happy holidays. For many stepfamilies, confusion and frustration take over, as communication (often regarding visitations and gift choices) between households fail. In this newsletter I am sharing with you more tips to improve your stepfamily experience during the upcoming holidays. Taking the following steps will bring you […]

You & Your Stepfamily: Happy Holidays?

While many wish for the holidays to be a time of shared happy celebrations with loved ones, many end up feeling disappointed and depressed. Stepfamilies experience additional stress due to heightened unrealistic expectations of everyone involved, as well as from the often stressful transitions and adjustments of visiting and/or departing children. Taking the following steps […]