Tips for Puzzled Stepmothers

How can it be that in the 21st century some people still view stepmothers as wicked, stepchildren as their victims, and biological fathers as innocent bystanders? Fairy tales contributed unfortunately to how stepmothers are perceived by our society and created an unrealistic expectation of women who marry men with children. On one hand women are […]

6 Tips For Achievable Goals For Your Stepfamily

Are you frustrated that your step-family still feels divided, after another year zoomed by? You are not alone. Many step-families share your pain. You can make a difference, in this coming year. By implementing these 6 easy tips, you will experience a difference in how you connect with your step-family.

Tips for Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic expectations often cause misunderstandings, miscommunication, and much confusion in any relationship. In stepfamilies it is a core issue that at times, when not addressed, can even lead to divorce. Clarifying your verbal and non-verbal expectations with your spouse will help you understand what you do and do not agree upon. Setting realistic, mutual, obtainable […]