Coparenting across homes can be stressful and uncomfortable, but your kids depend on it.


  • Tired of seeing your children suffer?
  • Is your ex (or their spouse) turning your children against you?
  • Scheduling and discipline discrepancies driving you up the wall?

Co-parenting is, at best, a challenging and frustrating experience. It’s even harder when remarrying parents bring new adults into the picture.

The challenges faced by various co-parents are similar. Same-sex or not, divorced or never-married—everyone has to look out for their kids.

I offer tools to help you make sense of your situation and to then defuse it.

Understanding Co-Parenting

The best way to begin understanding obstacles to successful co-parenting is to break it down into phases. Seeing it divided into phases helps you:

  • internalize that the situation is temporary
  • helps you appropriately assign and take responsibility
  • identify where you are in the process

You’ll know where you’re headed, and how to deal with it as you get there.

It also shows you that it’s a normal process to go through.

How To Get Started

Read The Phases of Co-Parenting to understand the main challenges before you, both now and going forward. Once you figure out which phase you’re in, you can read more about that particular phase and how to get through it in one piece.

For Even More Co-Parenting Help

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