Family Therapy Services in Orange County

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Orange County, California, specializing in helping people in stepfamilies.

Wherever you live, I am available for phone and Skype consultation about your personal (or family) situation. Email me or call (562) 302-1788 for a consultation.

I offer a variety of services for individuals, couples, families, stepfamilies, and groups. I provide all of these services in a warm, safe, and supportive environment, while focusing on your needs. I use a variety of techniques to help you gain insight about your situation and to help you heal from life’s wounds.

Pick from the below to learn more:

  1. Individual Therapy
  2. Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling
  3. Family Therapy
  4. Stepfamily Therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy effectively treats depression, anxiety, stress, grief, trauma, and much more. In individual therapy, we explore what impacts your quality of life. We examine the relationships between you and your significant others, your friends, and your self.

Individual therapy helps you:

  • be heard and listened to
  • understand and overcome obstacles to your happiness
  • triumph over anxiety and depression
  • grieve and move on without getting stuck
  • recover from trauma
  • create and implement a vision for your life
  • adjust to life transitions, such as:
    • divorce and ending relationships
    • job loss or career change
    • becoming a parent

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Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy lets you develop trust, understanding, and hope in times of doubt, anger, and confusion. You explore the issues fueling your disagreements, and engage in constructive, productive dialog, leading to mutually satisfying conflict resolution.

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling helps you:

  • communicate more effectively
  • fight fair
  • separate issues of money and power
  • understand your personality differences
  • distinguish between differences in culture/religion and personality
  • grieve past relationships
  • develop a parenting plan
  • co-parent with ex and present spouses
  • tolerate each other’s families

Click here to learn more about our Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling Services.

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Family Therapy

Family Therapy helps your family fight less, develop a stronger bond, and experience a greater sense of belonging. Members of your family learn how to express discontent with one another in a respectful and positive manner. Family members learn how to listen non-judgmentally and offer positive feedback to one another.

Family Therapy helps you:

  • parent effectively
  • learn to listen to one another
  • balance the attention you give to your children
  • validate each other’s feelings
  • set clear boundaries between family members
  • identify unique needs of each member
  • nurture and empathize with your “special needs” children

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Stepfamily Therapy

Stepfamily therapy helps you and your family feel less like strangers and more like a family. You’ll focus on dealing with exes, helping your children feel safe and like they belong, addressing money issues, and overcoming your unrealistic expectations about what a step-family should be. I help you get to know each other better in a safe, warm, and supportive environment. You also receive education, grow to understand everyone’s role, and develop more compassion and empathy for one another.

Stepfamily therapy helps you:

  • build a relationship between stepparents and stepchildren
  • skillfully parent stepchildren
  • co-parent with former spouses
  • create a parenting plan
  • parent ‘our’ (mutually biological) child
  • explore your expectations of the family
  • grieve past losses, like previous relationships
  • understand the stepfamily process
  • manage money
  • develop new traditions
  • evaluate the role of the extended family

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