How Sabotaging Bio Moms Haunts Step Moms

5 Ways Undermining Bio Moms Haunts Stepmoms

Joining a family is a tricky thing. You worry that you’ll be forever stuck on the outside, looking in. So, you want to please your husband and his children as best possible. This way you can solidify your role in the family, and bring stability into your life. If you’re particularly ambitious, you may even be out to heal your new family’s past wounds inflicted by the divorce or ex-wife.

You’re compelled to win everyone over. You won’t settle for “Step-Mom.” “No, call me ‘Super-Mom!’”

There are just a few teensy things in the way…

Tips for Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are unavoidable. When conflicts are left unresolved, frustration sets in because of the lack of progress towards resolution. Feelings of anger and resentment fester and the conflict may worsen over time. Becoming proactive in seeking and implementing solutions contributes to a sense of empowerment and success. In relationships such as a marriage you may […]