Step-Family Therapy helps you preserve your marriage as you integrate families.

Step-Family Therapy

Step-family therapy can help you.

  • Feel unappreciated or like a stranger in your own home?
  • Are your husband or wife’s kids getting away with murder?
  • Struggling to figure out how to discipline step-children or co-parent?

Forming a step-family is hard. Over half of divorced parents remarry. All of them ask themselves, “Will this marriage last?

It can. I’ll help you make it happen.

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Benefits of Step-Family Therapy

Happy step-family vacationing on the beach.

Stepfamilies are real families too!

Stepfamilies are different from biological families. Not worse. Not better. Different.

Step-family therapy helps you feel like family. You can feel united, despite your different histories, hurts, and successes. It takes sensitivity, patience, and acceptance, but you can do it.

I can help you:

  • Let go of anger at your ex
  • Define clear family roles
  • Co-parent with spouses and former spouses
  • Establish new family traditions
  • Explore your options of having the “our” child
  • Address religious/cultural differences between family members
  • Develop realistic expectations
  • Meet your children’s needs

Developing a loving stepfamily requires understanding, motivation, respect of differences, and the knowledge of how to put it all together.

Stepfamily therapy can help you overcome the obstacles, and enjoy your family.

Problems Step-Families Face

Step-family therapy helps you deal with children wanting to cut their step-parent out of the picture.

All families face challenges. Remarried families face few extra ones.

Step-family therapy helps you overcome difficulties like these:

  • Unrealistic expectations cause arguments.
  • Hostile exes interfere with your home.
  • Unhappy children act out.
  • Financial power struggles strain your marriage.
  • Extended family interferes and rejects your new spouse.
  • Mistrust tests your relationship.

You also struggle to establish a parenting style, family boundaries, and consistent couples time for you and your spouse to just enjoy one another.

Then there’s tension between children and step-parents. Sometimes the kids fear the step-parent will leave in the wake of another divorce; other times, growing close to a step-parent feels like betrayal of a biological parent.

Problems like these can leave little time or energy for fostering a happy, healthy marriage. Resentment builds, the relationship withers, and the possibility of another divorce looms.

But it can be stopped.

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Couple making the decision to call and save their step-family.

Remarriage is the triumph of hope and love over disappointment and failure.

Integrating families may be your biggest challenge, but it can also be your greatest victory.

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