Practical Remarried Couples Unity Tips

Remarriage can be the best time of your life. You have to wonder whether the bliss can last in the face of intrusive exes, stepchildren acting-out, and a confused spouse. You probably had a sketchy vision of what your marriage would look like, only to find out that the reality of simultaneously starting a marriage and forming a stepfamily is much more complex than you ever imagined.

The glue that binds the family together is the couple, without which there naturally wouldn’t be a family. A healthy, close, loving couple relationship determines the wellness and success of not only the marriage, but of the whole family. The following 5 tips will help you plan, develop, and implement a blue print for an even deeper connection with your spouse.

7 Practical Tips for Stepmothers

“I am at my wits end. I didn’t know that being a stepmother is going to be so frustrating!” said a 39 year-old, successful, professional woman. “At work, everyone respects me and likes me, but at home I feel like an obstacle to my stepchildren in their relationship with their father.” If you can relate to this stepmother’s frustration, you may have asked yourself many times over why your stepchildren can’t just see you for who you really are: a nice, loving woman who wants peace and love in her home. You may also wonder what you need to do in order to get noticed and cherished by your husband. Perhaps you wonder if you can ever succeed in this unclear role.

The following tips will hopefully help you turn a corner with your stepchildren and your husband, so you walk the path to desired harmony in your home.

Tips for Successfully Transitioning Into the New School Year

Children of divorced parents who go back and forth between two households experience a sense of loss and anxiety each time they transition between the homes. The biological and stepparents may experience similar feelings. As the summer winds down and you and your family are getting ready for the new school year these feelings may […]

Tips for Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are unavoidable. When conflicts are left unresolved, frustration sets in because of the lack of progress towards resolution. Feelings of anger and resentment fester and the conflict may worsen over time. Becoming proactive in seeking and implementing solutions contributes to a sense of empowerment and success. In relationships such as a marriage you may […]

Tips for Meaningful Holidays

The Holidays present an unparalleled opportunity for biological and step families alike to strengthen, deepen, and solidify connections between family members. It is the time of year that you may choose to create the space in which you may have the opportunity to work on mending and improving relationships with different family members. While some […]

Tips for Managing Divided Loyalties

When children do not get emotional permission from their biological parents to like and develop a relationship with their stepparents, they often feel confused, frustrated and torn. The more likeable the stepparent, the more conflicted the stepchildren feel. The children end up feeling guilty for liking the stepparent, hide it from their biological parent, and […]

Tips for a Smooth Transition Into the Stepfamily

Stepmom wrote to Parenting Magazine,

The man I am marrying has two young children from a previous marriage. I will become “stepmom” soon. What suggestions do you have for a smooth transition? I want to nurture a healthy relationship with my soon-to-be husband’s children, but I also want to respect their relationship with their mother, too.

Many people are embarrassed to admit that they are clueless about how to make their step-families connect and work well. The following tips will help make that easier…

Tips for Successfully Transitioning Into the New School Year

Slowly transition from the unstructured recreation of summer back into the disciplined routine that the coming school year will demand of you and your children. Stepfamilies may find this adjustment especially challenging because of differing rules and expectations between the households.

The following tips will help you and your children prepare for the new school year.

Tips for Dealing With Difficult Exes

When people with children divorce, they have the illusion that their exes are out of their lives, never to influence them again. They soon find themselves mistaken. Some are mystified by how much influence their ex spouses have over their lives. After all, they got a divorce to remove the other person from their lives. […]

Tips for Co-Parenting

Have you ever wondered how could you possibly co-parent with your ex? After all, you didn’t share a parenting style even when you were married… Co-parenting provides an opportunity to prove to your children that you are still actively involved in parenting them, and that the divorce was indeed only between the adults. It is […]