7 Tips for Holiday Harmony With Your Step-Family

Developing closeness and cohesiveness in a step-family is an ongoing challenge for many people throughout the year. The holidays present a precious opportunity to bridge some gaps among members of the immediate family, as well as those of the extended family. Step-parents express a great deal of anxiety and concern over the upcoming holidays. They dread the potential onset of chaos shattering their expectations of a picture-perfect holiday experience.

The following 7 tips may help you and your step-family develop closeness, through careful planning of your holiday celebrations:

Tips for Close Sibling Relationships

Siblings, whether they are biological, step-siblings, half-siblings or adopted have relationships that are characterized by love, frustrations, and rivalry. In step families, relationships among siblings often change because of shifts in birth order and fluctuations in time spent together and apart. The following tips will help you guide your children in improving their relationships with […]