Tips for Puzzled Stepmothers

How can it be that in the 21st century some people still view stepmothers as wicked, stepchildren as their victims, and biological fathers as innocent bystanders? Fairy tales contributed unfortunately to how stepmothers are perceived by our society and created an unrealistic expectation of women who marry men with children. On one hand women are […]

Tips for Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are unavoidable. When conflicts are left unresolved, frustration sets in because of the lack of progress towards resolution. Feelings of anger and resentment fester and the conflict may worsen over time. Becoming proactive in seeking and implementing solutions contributes to a sense of empowerment and success. In relationships such as a marriage you may […]

Tips for Solidifying Your Marriage

All too often, the couple in a stepfamily primarily functions as parents. It is of utmost importance to keep things in perspective and energize the couple relationship. It started when a woman and a man met, fell in love, found out that they were like-minded and shared similar values, and then decided to deepen the […]

Tips for Forgiveness

The idea of forgiving someone who deeply hurt or wrong you, like a former spouse, is often met with much resistance. The concept of forgiving yourself may be puzzling to you. Forgiveness is definitely an emotionally loaded term for a couple of reasons. First, you may say that if you forgive, you condone the behavior. […]

Tips for Powerful Goal Setting

Are you frustrated that your step-family still feels divided, after another year zoomed by? You are not alone. Many step-families share your pain. You can make a difference, in this coming year. By implementing these 6 easy tips, you will experience a difference in how you connect with your step-family…

Tips for Meaningful Holidays

The Holidays present an unparalleled opportunity for biological and step families alike to strengthen, deepen, and solidify connections between family members. It is the time of year that you may choose to create the space in which you may have the opportunity to work on mending and improving relationships with different family members. While some […]

Tips for Managing Divided Loyalties

When children do not get emotional permission from their biological parents to like and develop a relationship with their stepparents, they often feel confused, frustrated and torn. The more likeable the stepparent, the more conflicted the stepchildren feel. The children end up feeling guilty for liking the stepparent, hide it from their biological parent, and […]

Tips for a Smooth Transition Into the Stepfamily

Stepmom wrote to Parenting Magazine,

The man I am marrying has two young children from a previous marriage. I will become “stepmom” soon. What suggestions do you have for a smooth transition? I want to nurture a healthy relationship with my soon-to-be husband’s children, but I also want to respect their relationship with their mother, too.

Many people are embarrassed to admit that they are clueless about how to make their step-families connect and work well. The following tips will help make that easier…

Tips For Becoming a Proud Stepfamily

It is rare to be proud of being in a stepfamily. Many stepfamilies struggle with inequality between the adults regarding parental rights and responsibilities, and regarding finances and decision-making. Children are also frustrated by inequality in the discipline and love they receive. “I am so embarrassed that I just don’t seem to be the stepmother […]