Tips for Solidifying Your Marriage

All too often, the couple in a stepfamily primarily functions as parents. It is of utmost importance to keep things in perspective and energize the couple relationship. It started when a woman and a man met, fell in love, found out that they were like-minded and shared similar values, and then decided to deepen the relationship through commitment to a marriage. The relationship needs to be continually nurtured and attended to.

I hope you find the following tips simple, practical, and effective in helping you solidifying your marriage.

  • Find out if you are like-minded on issues of parenting and lifestyle before you get married; it is the time to learn where each of you stands. If you are already married, be brave and schedule this talk, as it may be crucial to your family success. You may want to refer to Remarriage Points to Ponder to guide you through some of the significant points you may want to discuss.
  • Schedule 15-45 minutes of couple time, daily. Make sure that you minimize human and electronic interruptions. Share the highlights of your day, and any concerns you may have regarding your marriage, children, and anything else. This habit will help you nurture the connection between the two of you in a very meaningful way.
  • A weekly date night does wonders for your relationship. It is an opportunity to relate to one another on a man to women level. After all, isn’t this the reason you chose to be together? Balancing parenting with couple time, as well as personal time, will make a significant difference in the overall quality of your life and your family experience.
  • Letting go of past hurt may be a painful experience. It may very likely be the main reason that many people choose to avoid going through the very thing that will grant them the emotional liberation they so desire. Additionally, letting go of old emotional ties is essential to forming new meaningful relationships.

You and your spouse can empower yourselves to have a loving, successful and lasting marriage. I hope that the above tips help you in your life journey.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Please let me know what works in your relationship and what doesn’t. Learning from one another is very helpful and powerful.

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