You & Your Stepfamily: Happy Holidays? (Part 2)

We all share the wish and hope for happy holidays. For many stepfamilies, confusion and frustration take over, as communication (often regarding visitations and gift choices) between households fail.
In this newsletter I am sharing with you more tips to improve your stepfamily experience during the upcoming holidays.

Taking the following steps will bring you closer to reaching a happier and more harmonious holiday season:

  • Boundaries
    Establishing and implementing reasonable boundaries between the two households, by the adults involved, will help the stepfamily in general and the children in particular feel more at ease at both homes.
  • Cooperation
    Present to the children the concept of team building. We all depend on one another. Involve the children in the preparation for the celebrations, so you can develop a sense of togetherness, and reinforce the practice of give-and-take.
  • Self Care
    Remember to take care of yourself. With times of increased social obligations, shopping in crowded malls, overwhelming contact with relatives, and children coming and going, it is easy to forget to be kind to yourself. So please, schedule time just for you, to take a walk on the beach, treat yourself to a massage, or indulge in a nice bubble bath.
  • Spirituality
    Developing family spiritual beliefs and practices helps deepen and solidify the closeness of the family.

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