Making Valentine’s Day #1

Valentines Day is a symbolic reminder of taking care of your relationship. What does that mean? Romance often takes a back seat to demands of family life such as children’s schedules, schooling, doctor’s appointments and so on. But every couple needs time alone and time to reacquaint. The home “fires” must keep burning!

Valentines Day is the best time of all to create a boundary for the romance and unhurried sexuality that every marriage needs. Spending time as a couple, focusing on each other’s needs, and making a conscious decision not to discuss the children enhances emotional intimacy not even between a couple, but with everyone when parents rejoin the family.

Now is the time to put time on the calendar for Valentines Day.

Next blog: Not sure how to put Valentines Day together for you and your busy spouse? A 1, 2, 3 plan to get you there!

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