Stepfamily Triumphant Love

Let’s end the year with a true and touching message of hope, love and inspiration. I have a dear friend who was willing to share with all of us a letter his stepdaughter wrote him for Christmas. It was accompanied by a picture of the two of them, taken shortly after they met.

He has been a stepfather for 25 years to this 29 year old woman and her sister. When I think of successful and happy remarriages, I think of this wonderful couple which I have the privilege to have as friends.

I hope you enjoy reading it. I would love to hear your impression of it.

Have a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Here’s the letter:

Triumphant Love

I was not concerned about
trying to find the right
words to say when giving you
this gift. I looked at what I put in this frame and the
first thing that came to
mind were the two words,
“Triumphant Love”. I can’t
help but cry because I
realize now how hard it was
to love us. Maybe me more than my sister, but you were
triumphant in succeeding
to create a bond out of
a wreck. It’s moments like
the one I framed that I
remember more than the
bad or hard times. I think
that is what my problem is
when I can’t recall things
I did or said.
Not only with me, but with
any battle you have faced,
you were triumphant, and
now facing a battle that
is truly life or death, I
pray that you triumphant again.
That these moments
keep happening and that
I have you in my corner
for a joke, a hug, or
a seat belt race.

I love you!
Merry Christmas!

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