Tips for Applying Your New Year’s Resolutions

Another year went by. You may feel the anguish of yet more missed opportunities to last year’s resolutions for a more peaceful and fun stepfamily experience. If you do, you are not alone. Many step-families share your pain. You can make a difference in this coming year. Implement these 6 easy tips and you’ll experience a difference in how you connect with your step-family.

  • Schedule a couple of hours by yourself, so you can quietly evaluate what you would like to see evolving for your step-family.
  • Take 3 baby steps toward fulfilling your vision of a more meaningful connection with your step-family.
  • Establish new, weekly traditions with your spouse for your family.
  • Practice effective, positive, and assertive communication with your spouse, biological children, and stepchildren.
  • Understand your step-family process through reading, social media groups, support groups, and talking to a therapist who specializes in working with step-families.
  • Plan and commit to dates with your spouse and have fun together. Time alone, as a couple, will help nurture and strengthen your relationship with each other and with your family.

Maximize your chances of accomplishing your goals to improve the relationships in your step-family by working closely with your spouse. Together you need to define your goals, set deadlines, stick to to the process, and make the necessary adjustments throughout the year.

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