Valentine’s Day is for Kids, Too

Busy Moms and Dads can easily downplay Valentine’s Day or ignore it outright by thinking it’s just “for them” and ignores the needs of their children. Wrong! Valentine’s Day is for kids too, but probably not the way you assume.

A good couple’s relationship is the foundation for a successful, happy family.

Read that sentence again! Yes, children can sense when a man and a woman are an intimate, functioning couple, and they respond positively. Sensing unity in Mom and Dad inspires children to lay off the divisive tactics and offer support instead.

The best interests of children are served by a safe emotional environment, a place where they are loved, welcomed, listened to and respected. Valentine’s Day, which supports and nurtures the needs of the family adults, also serves and supports that safe emotional environment that’s best for children.

Have a very Happy Valentines Day.

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